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I’ve always had an odd interpretation of blogging… People I know have made fun of those that do it, saying that it makes no sense to voice things like this publicly. I would halfheartedly agree, understanding that posting a public journal may seem a little self-indulgent (but what social media isn’t)… But now that I am a little older, I feel like the only type of social media that could adequately express what I am trying to convey would be from one that requires effort on behalf of the user.

Nevertheless, this will still remain a personal website; one in which I call the shots and portray myself and the world I live from a biased perspective. I do not intend to belittle the importance of personal expression, I am however reminding the audience to stay aware of the fact that everything that they are perceiving and interpreting is inherently biased, and that in this world of intense communication, it is important to remember were and from whom you are receive your information from.

It’s ironic as well, because although I want to be doing this for myself and have a place to keep thoughts and experiences, I want people to know that I am doing this, and that i am writing for others as well as for myself. To be overlooked and disregarded is a terrible thing, especially when your intentions are good. I’m looking for intelligent discourse over subjects that spark interest, regardless of what they may be.

To all those in WordPress/internet land, pleasure to meet you!