Hey everyone!

About myself? I dunno, i guess I’m getting this wordpress account in attempt to better figure it out! I love writing… and I feel like the one sentence responses that you get from things like twitter and facebook is really making me dull. I’ve never really blogged, but think it’s a pretty cool idea! Dear diary here I come!

I play guitar in a band named Anchoress.. you can check out it out here :

I play bass in a band titled Greater Thieves as well:

I play a lot of acoustic songs as well:

Used to play bass in a band called Lights Below (RIP):

So… yeah, I’m also a musician. Beyond that i am also a fourth year Health Science student currently attending SFU. I’m looking to participate in some international development when I graduate.

I’m mostly interested in communicating with the general public… I know that the internet is fantastic for connecting one another, however it seems like I’m only getting better acquainted with my acquaintances. I want to meet new and intelligent people out there in internet land! If anybody wants to chat and tell me how bad my music sucks, please drop me a line!

So yeah! Let’s entertain one another
Good to meet you.


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