The Science of Misunderstanding

The Science of Misunderstanding

Science is failing, because it disregards the unquantifiable. The unquantifiable however, is what drives our species and gives birth to modern thought and new discovery. Science, on the global scale, is still dominated by religion in the political and the sociological spectrum because it is the language of the elite. It takes a certain level of understanding to fathom an existence that isn’t based off of pure subjectivity. However life is difficult enough for some people, why promote the idea that life is indeed quantifiable, and that a series of numbers can be as significant as the human spirit; this can kill an already dying soul.

People do not seek understanding in life, rather they seek hope. There is a need to linger, and it is this unquantifiable reality that is human perception that not only makes life on earth continue, but gives it a reason to. Religion is the physical manifestation of the human species’ endless struggle for survival. As logical creatures, this structure is useful for understanding why we live on such a colorful planet, spinning in a such a colourless universe. 

The developed world is failing due to a lack of understanding. Separation does exist, but we are smart enough to understand the consequences of this. Suffering is real, and we don’t suffer as they do. We pity ourselves, while they live in our pity. We understand, while they already know. A god is needed to explain the hardship. For them it is hope, for us it is victory, success, and security.  The use of god is no longer useful for the developed world; in fact it is now a tool to be used; like a structure to house another structure. It is used for gain, not for hope; and it is shown to us on the screens of our lives that it is an item to be sold, purchased, and traded. 

We will destroy ourselves, and there should be no surprise. The ignorance in which we live is not bliss, but ignorance. We have much to learn from those who suffer, for we have lost our ability to comprehend the value of life and of our lives. A god may still exist, but it has abandoned us for now. 


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